On our way to the Design World !


If there’s anyone who is qualified to be dishing out tips on getting ready for fashion month, it’s blogger Lena Lademann.

Known for her sophisticated and recognisable style, Lena has collaborated with every major brand, from Prada and Calvin Klein to Cartier. Her work is effortlessly refined and compelling… And basically every time she posts, it inspires me to dredge up that old blazer sitting in my wardrobe and breathe new life into it.

Lucky for us (and now you too), we hung out with the super chill and LOL blogger in NYC, and ‘dishing out tips’ was exactly what went down. We picked the brains of the Fashion Week veteran, before turning our lens on her ~kewl~ outfit too. Get fashion week ready (or prepped to live your best life wherever you are) below!


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